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Baytrail - the bikeway around the San Francisco Bay     

The Cycling guide San Francisco Bay Trail  gives us the idea to cycle around the bay. This book is available in english language.

Hardly anybody speaks german in California. Even the employees in good restaurants or at the reception in big hotels don`t speak German. Only English. Therefore we brushed up our English skills. I was very disappointed, because in europe every hotel employee speaks at least two or three languages.

This cycling guide is very recommendable. San Francisco is a very bikefriendly town. Many inhabitants are biking through the town and the beautiful parks instead of driving by car.





Many streets have separate bike lanes. The BayTrail is nearly always paved and two up to three meters wide. The bicycle lanes are often constructed separately from the normal car-road course.

We took along our good german bikes in the airplane from Hannover to San Francisco.The bikes arrived in Amerika nearly in one piece. It`s not simple to handle bikes  in american airplanes. But it`s possible.

Near to the GoldenGateBrigde two or three very good bike rental stations are situated with relative good bikes to rent. Unfortunately not quite cheap. But nevertheless on the next bike trip to San Francisco we will rent a bike there and will leave the german bikes at home.

The japanese garden is in the middle of the Golden Gate Park. It is the biggest japanese garten, whitch I now. Even the japanese gardens in Den Haag or Berlin-Marzahn are smaller. 

  The book:  Baytrail

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My statistics:
Thursday 13. April 2006 56 km Market Street-Pier 39-Golden Gate Bridge-Sausalito sunny 26°C
Friday 14.April 2006 32,6 km Golden Gate Park; Japanees garden, Arboretum, Pazifik sunny,cloudy
Saturday 15.April 2006 21,3 km Lombardstreet rainy 14°C
Sunday 16.April 2006 Aquarium Fisherman`s Wharf; Golden Gate Park only rain 14°C
Monday 17.April 2006 55,19 km SFO-Airport-Milbrae sunny 14-20°C
Tuesday 18.April 2006 47,74 km Milbrae-San Carlos sunny 26°C
Wednesday 19.April 2006 46,8 km Fisherman`s Wharf-GoldenGateBridge-Presidiopark-Lincolnpark-Zoo sunny 22°C
Thursday 20.April 2006 35 km Berkeley and Artist Heaven sunny 22°C
Friday 21.April 2006 34,3 km Cablecar; Lombardstreet; Pazifik sunny 14-21°C
Saturday 22.April 2006 58,5 km GGBridge-Sausalito-Tiburon-Ferry sunny
Sunday 23.April 2006 Alcatraz cloudy 15°C
Monday 24.April 2006 42,3 km Oakland-San Leandro cloudy 14°C
Wednesday 24.Januar 2007 50 km Fisherman`s Wharf-GoldenGateBridge-Presidiopark-Lincolnpark-GoldenGatePark-Marketstreet foggy 14°C
Thursday 24.1.2007 40km GoldenGateBridge-Lighthouse (direction north) foggy 14°C