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The  Waianapanapa-Trail is the best hiking trail worldwide; definetly in my opinion.Unfortunately this hiking trail is not located in my good old germany, but rather on the other end of the world on the hawaiian island Maui.

In order to get there,first you have to drive 3 hours by car many hundreds serpentines on the "Road to Hana". Shortly behind the 32nd milestone and only a short way left to Hana you turn left into the parking lot in the Waianapanapa State Park. In the park you drive straight ahead, turn left and then you can park on the "cave" or at "Black Sand Beach ".The tour isn´t long, but amazingly varied.

This Coastal Trail goes over sharp-edged and pepply igneous rocks. Therefore hiking shoes are mandatory! The most beautiful landscape begins already at the Black Sand Beach. You can arrange the length of the awe-inspiring  trail for yourself. For most people one hour is enough. Because you need to think of the return voyage with the many serpentines back to the tourist zone in Kihei. One day is short. Furthermore you can stop every moment and take fotos of the impressive landscape. The last picture here is a "Blowhole". You find these blowholes on many places at the Waianapapa-Trail. Waterfountains shoot through the igneous rocks depending on the tides.

 In the foreground of the second picture you can see the "Naupaka". This is one of about 2500 different  endemic plants on Hawaii. That means, this is a plant, which grows only here in free nature on Hawaii and nowhere else in the world.

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